• Do people in your organisation work effectively together to achieve the desired results? 
  • Do you reward tenure or performance?
  • Is there sufficient attention for long term performance and engagement of employees?
  • Are your managers executing the performance management meetings in a satisfactory way?

What makes performance management important?

You can recognize successful organisations by their clear vision. This vision is clearly present everywhere in the organisation. Doing and acting are in line and have synergetic effects in decisions made. Employees understand how their work contributes to organisational goals. There is also room for open feedback and personal development. This leads to stronger commitment and stimulates initiatives. In the economical turmoil these days , this is a point of great importance.

Services of Human Talent Results

  • Formulating objectives for all layers within the organisation, based on strategic choices
  • Developing performance management systems and related talent management processes / career steps
  • Communication and training with regard to organisational and individual development, implementing and executing performance management systems