Human Talent Results helps optimizing organisations’ performance, by supporting them in effectively managing human talents.

Enjoy the fruits of human talents!
The logo of Human Talents Results displays a hand at the point of picking an apple. In the Netherlands a habitual fruit, apples are attractive and tasteful.Who takes care of his apple tree and creates proper circumstances, can expect a good harvest. Likewise, anyone who appreciates talents within his organisation, and effectively uses the available expertise will create chances for growth, which will strongly increase the possibility of good results.

Our approach

We base our services on careful and focused analysis, using the (mostly hidden) information and knowledge, available within the organization. New insights arise, resulting in practical and down-to-earth advices, fitting the organization. Plan of actions include visibility in short term and effect in the long run.

What is necessary to be successful with your talents?

No matter how different organizations are, their drive to be successful and achieve goals is universal. But the ingredients for success for one company are definitely not guarantee for success for another. Success depends on various aspects, such as:

  • Organizational culture
  • External factors
  • Development of the organization and
  • (Existing) talent and the way this talent is treated

Therefore, just doing the same as other organizations have done before can’t be a serious option.
Human Talent Results is specialized in searching and optimizing the human factor. This will increase the success chances for individuals and organizations. This is done with respect for individuality, but always in the light of expected business objectives. Our services are divided in three segments:

  • Performance management
  • Talent management and leadership development
  • Mobility programs and career counseling

Our working method?

Don’t expect long written reports. You will receive clear presentations and specific plans of action. Key words are gaining commitment and desired efforts from stakeholders. Whether you seek a strategic advice, the execution of a training or personal guidance in an individual process, we take your deliverables, questions and instruments as starting point and adjust our program accordingly.

More information about the people behind Human Talent Results?

Human Talent Results was founded by Sandra Terwolbeck. She has been working as consultant for several advisory agencies for 15 years, most recently at Mercer. She gained extensive experience in any central segment of Human Talent Management. An overview of recent assignments are to be found under ‘projects’. Our projects are often delivered in cooperation with trusted partners, where long term working relationships and teamwork exists. This guarantees for you the best combination of talents, professional advice and experience needed for the desired results. Our main relationships are to be found under 'partnerships'.

General conditions

Human Talent Results is registered at the KvK Midden-Nederland, 30250622.
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Human Talent Results; Enjoy the fruits of talents!